Fall Care Program

Trees and shrubs appreciate a fall planting to establish themselves in your landscape. Many trees and shrubs are at their best in the fall for providing color. Planting spring bulbs in the fall will give you an early burst of color right when you need it most.

Planting evergreen trees on the north side of your home can help protect from cold winds and reduce energy costs.

A light layer of mulch can protect plants from poorly drained soil as a result of continuous freezing and thawing of the ground in the winter. Mulch also provides some immediate color and texture for your fall landscape.

Fertilizing in the fall improves winter stress tolerance and encourages a stronger, deeper root structure. Nutritionally balanced plants have a better chance of withstanding and recovering from harsh winter conditions.

Proper drainage can eliminate costly winter damage to your house and landscape. Re-grading and proper planting of trees and shrubs can help to control erosion.

Ornamental Plant Protection
"A Frame" structures keep snow off vulnerable ornamentals such as weeping Japanese Maples.

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