Landscape Installation


A new planting can be designed and installed to aesthetically improve your yard. Whether it is a tree, shrub, perennial or annual, plantings help to enhance your property by adding color and texture. Our designers have the knowledge and expertise to make proper horticultural choices to ensure plants will thrive in their new environments. Our well-trained staff consists of Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists and will make sure plants are properly planted in accordance with industry recommendations.


Patios, walkways and stonework are an important part of the outdoor living space. The way these elements are designed help to create the overall feel and use of the space. Our design team is well versed in using these elements to create the best spaces for the vision of your property and our installation teams use the best practices and care to install them. Our masons are highly trained and are in tune with the design goals and details that put our projects above and beyond.

Material choices work with the design to further enhance the space. Natural stone gives a more relaxed and native feel while pavers and brick provide a more formal appearance. Our designers can help make the right material choices to best suit your property's surroundings and overall vision of the design.

Lawn Installation

A new lawn can complete your yard into the lush landscape you have always wanted. Our team of highly trained staff installs lawns using the highest quality products and techniques. Whether it is seed or sod you will surely be happy with your new lawn.

Planters & Containers

Beautiful, thriving planters and container gardens enhance your outdoor living areas and create a enhanced look and feel. We design container gardens that are lush, thriving and beautiful for each season. If you are looking to add some color and decoration to your surroundings, we are happy to work with you.

Planning to host a special occasion? Graduations, weddings, anniversary parties, and other milestone events are all more festive and special when beautiful container planters are used as centerpieces or focal points around your decks, patios, walkways, and entrances.

Water Features

Water features are a great addition to a garden or landscape. Water can be used for its sound to create a tranquil environment or to create a focal point. People are naturally drawn to water and there are many ways to incorporate a feature into your landscape. Our team of designers is ready to help you create the perfect addition to your garden. Our installation crews have the experience to install a wide scale of water features from small bubbling stone fountains to much larger water falls flowing down a slope in to a small koi pond.


Drainage is often part of the project that is overlooked, yet is so important to the scope of the job. If drainage is not addressed properly many problems such as flooding and standing water can occur. Our designers are trained to identify these problems and can work with you to come up with creative solutions to solve the problem.

Project Management

Let our team of designers take the lead on your outdoor project. We have built up a talented network of tradesmen who can help complete your project from start to finish. We can coordinate and schedule each step of the project so it can be completed seamlessly.

Our Team

Tom, Senior Mason Foreman
Tom has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for the last 15 plus years. He is a graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture with a degree in Landscape Contracting. During his time with the company he has developed a strong attention to detail and artistry with stone. Toms knowledge and expertise within the field provides an outstanding finished product that he takes great pride in. Tom has obtained a Mass. Hoisting License.

Rob, Senior Foreman
He has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for 15 years. Rob has an excellent eye for detail and is knowledgeable about all the services we offer as a company. Rob's excellent leadership and communication skills are a huge asset to the company. Rob has his Mass. Hoisting License and is a licensed Mass. Pesticide Applicator.

Jon, Masonry Foreman
Jon has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design since 2016 and has been working in the industry for nearly 20 years. Jon has been a great addition to our team and is a very talented mason. Jon's great work ethic and his dedication have helped the company grow. Jon has his Mass. Hosting License.

Ryan, Foreman
Ryan has worked for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for 5 years and has been working in the industry for nearly 20 years. Ryan is extremely energetic and passionate about his job. He takes pride in the quality of his work and is excited to continue to grow within our company. Ryan has obtained his Mass. Hoisting License.

Doug, Foreman
Doug has been with Ahronian Landscaping & Design since 2011 and has been working in the industry for 15 years. Doug's knowledge in plant health care and horticulture are beneficial to the company. Doug is always eager to learn something new and is often taking classes to sharpen his skills. Doug is a Mass. Certified Horticulturist, a licensed Mass. Pesticide Applicator, has a Mass. Hoisting License, and has obtained a Class B CDL.

Alex, Foreman
Alex has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for more than 5 years. Alex leads one of our maintenance and planting crews and has a great eye for detail. His tree and shrub pruning are done meticulously.

Greg, Foreman
Greg has been with Ahronian Landscaping & Design for more than 5 years. Greg leads one of our maintenance and planting crews. He also runs our lawn maintenance crew and helps to keep us efficient. Greg is diligent about his work and is eager to impress.

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