Landscape Maintenance

Spring Care Programs

Spring is the perfect time to mulch, prune and plant. Mulching not only makes your landscape look more attractive but also helps keep weeds down, preserves soil moisture, prevents erosion and moderates the soil temperature to keep your plants healthy. Pruning plants in the spring will help to accelerate growth during the season and many plants are best suited to planting in the early spring. Spring is also a great time to transplant many different plants, fertilize to encourage healthy and sustainable plants year-round and of course, spring is a great time to begin weed control.

Mid-Season Care Programs

Protecting your investment in your plants, trees and shrubs requires accurate pruning techniques and timing. Disease, insect and structural damage are almost always deterred by making the right decisions when pruning. While some trees and shrubs can be pruned at just about any time of the year, some have a small window of opportunity, and if that window is missed, the plants will suffer. Summer is also the perfect time to add new perennials to enhance your summer color or plan for the fall.

Fall Care Programs

After the site analysis is complete the designer can begin putting the vision discussed with the customer down on paper. The designer will use all the information received from the customer such as project goals, budget, etc. and the site analysis to develop a plan that meets all the client's needs in a beautiful and practical manner.

Snow Management Services

Our team is ready to tackle any storm that a new England winter gives us. We provide snow and ice management for both residential and commercial sites. A customized plan is created for each site to provide the best service. We have the advanced snow equipment needed to take care of any snow storm.

Meet Our Team

Rob, Senior Foreman
He has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for 15 years. Rob has an excellent eye for detail and is knowledgeable about all the services we offer as a company. Rob's excellent leadership and communication skills are a huge asset to the company. Rob has his Mass. Hoisting License and is a licensed Mass. Pesticide Applicator.

Ryan, Foreman
Ryan has worked for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for 5 years and has been working in the industry for nearly 20 years. Ryan is extremely energetic and passionate about his job. He takes pride in the quality of his work and is excited to continue to grow within our company. Ryan has obtained his Mass. Hoisting License.

Doug, Foreman
Doug has been with Ahronian Landscaping & Design since 2011 and has been working in the industry for 15 years. Doug's knowledge in plant health care and horticulture are beneficial to the company. Doug is always eager to learn something new and is often taking classes to sharpen his skills. Doug is a Mass. Certified Horticulturist, a licensed Mass. Pesticide Applicator, has a Mass. Hoisting License, and has obtained a Class B CDL.

Alex, Foreman
Alex has been working for Ahronian Landscaping & Design for more than 5 years. Alex leads one of our maintenance and planting crews and has a great eye for detail. His tree and shrub pruning are done meticulously.

Greg, Foreman
Greg has been with Ahronian Landscaping & Design for more than 5 years. Greg leads one of our maintenance and planting crews. He also runs our lawn maintenance crew and helps to keep us efficient. Greg is diligent about his work and is eager to impress.

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