Spring Care Program

Besides making your landscape look more appealing, a layer of mulch keeps weeds down, preserves soil moisture, helps prevent erosion and moderates soil temperature.

Pruning can actually stimulate growth. Pruning back a weak branch in late winter or early spring will often cause the new growth that replaces it to grow much faster.

Early spring is one of the best times to plant new trees and shrubs. Temperature and soil moisture - two of the three most critical factors affecting transplant success - are perfectly aligned in spring.

Early spring is a great time to move trees and shrubs while they are still dormant.

Lush green foliage and large abundant blooms can only occur when the plants are fed properly. Applying the micronutrients which our soils typically lack will also help protect your plants through times of stress. Spring feedings will encourage healthy and sustainable growth throughout the season.

Weed Control
Applying control methods before weed seeds can germinate will ensure less maintenance throughout the season. Call for more details!

Insect Management
There are all sorts of insects that can do damage to your landscape investment. However, not all insects on your trees and shrubs are the damaging types. Some are actually favorable and may support flower pollination. Some might be predators or parasites to the insects that are damaging your plants. Ahronian Landscaping employs Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists who are specifically trained to appropriately recognize these creatures and can incorporate proper management programs that will defend your landscape plants from severe damage while leaving beneficial organisms undisturbed.

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